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26 Funding Solutions from the People this Crisis Impacts

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The State of Arizona approved life-saving organ transplants for 98 citizens.  On October 1st, Arizona reneged on that promise in the name of budget cuts.

These savings work out to $13,877.56 per human being (granting the state saves $1.36 million beginning next fiscal year,
as reported by the Arizona Republic newspaper).

That roughly equals the $1.25 million Arizona tried spending earlier this year on a "squirrel bridge" expected to save 5 squirrels annually.  The squirrel bridge plan was cancelled only after receiving heavy media coverage and becoming a source of national ridicule.  

Certain Arizona leaders maintain the state simply cannot afford to restore funding for these transplants.  That is NOT the case.  Straightforward funding solutions exist.

These funding solutions require no new spending and cut no services or state obligations. 
You can find a summary list of transplant funding solutions by clicking here, or a pdf version on the right side of this page.

They represent the fruit of labor spent reviewing every line of the FY 2011 budget in addition to thousands of pages of audits, briefings and financial reports from the Auditor General, Treasurer, State Legislature, AHCCCS and others.

Not content leaving the fate of friends and family to chance, this website represents our collective voice of last resort.

About Us: We are 11 of the transplant patients caught in the middle of this, their family members and a friend.

Thank You: Thank you, with all our hearts, for remembering us.  You may reach us at: sdaglas @

If you are a patient or family member of a patient impacted by these cuts, please contact Kim Vega: kvega @  She is the sister of Douglas Gravagna. 


Meet the Patients / Families

Below you will find individual profiles on some of the patients these transplant cuts impact.  Please click on a highlighted name to learn more about that person.  Thank you!

Karen Brainin

Emily Lori Cameron

Francisco Felix

Douglas Gravagna

David Hernandez

Benny Miranda

Seko Palms

Courtney Parham

Michael Pennington

Randy Shepherd

Tiffany Tate

Mary Lou Estrada

Mr. Freischmidt

In Memoriam: Mark Price 

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